Iraqi Government and Parliament admit the farce of Elections and Results, Press release of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq

Iraqi Government and Parliament admit the farce of Elections and Results, Press release of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq

Iraqi Government and Parliament admit the farce of Elections and Results

Press release of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq

    After announcing the results of the parliamentary elections, held on 12 May 2018, the Government admitted that there had been serious fraud inside Iraq and abroad. Consequently it cancelled the electoral results from overseas and those from displaced voters (IDPs). Then parliament, in its turn, approved the results cancellation process and voted to carry out a manual recount, appointing nine judges to supervise the performance of IHEC. It issued an amendment to election law, a decision which ignited conflicts among parties and political groups over the electoral results, some welcoming the decisions, others sticking to the original results. 

   The democratic process, which has been collapsed by the ballot boxes, was brought to an end. This is not the first time the elections and results have been seriously violated. That was the case through all the three previous electoral cycles. But the unique difference of this one is that a significant proportion (over 70%) of the Iraqi population who have the right to vote  boycotted the elections. This has exposed the scandalous amount of fraud either on the level of participation or results.

   The conflicts which have emerged over the election results and the Government and Parliament admitting the election's meagreness are further proof and evidence of the WCPI analyses and policies about the elections which called on the masses to boycott the elections, as the party called them, a " Grand Farce" organised to reproduce and legalise all the thieves and corrupt people who represent ethnic and Islamic bourgeois parties. As Iraq is a country divided into geographical militias that control the fate of society, there would not be any free elections and their results could not be fair and honest. 

   The great boycott of the farce of elections has taken the masses away from being false testimony to such action which, in the meantime, is considered a new stage of political awareness of their life, after forming a huge chorus of paid luminaries, famous writers and naïve deceived people who have lost their route to applaud the elections and the whole political practice that put the masses under the illusion that they (elections) are the elixir of change, and there would be no solution, no substitute neither a change but through participation in this farce called elections. Looking forward to this power of militias, to its forces and elections is mere deadly illusion and poison; it can only sustain this bloody series which has been going on, with all its evils and tragedies, for a decade and a half. Organising unity and solidarity under the banner of radical claims for freedom and well-being is the only way available. 

  The Worker-Communist Party of Iraq emphasises once again its policies that the farce-like elections results have proved, that elections did not and will not eradicate corruption and the corrupted, nor bring about security, stability, freedom and well-being for Iraqi people. There is no choice for the masses but to be organised and solidify into firm lines, to separate their horizons from the prospects of the bourgeois ethnic and sectarian currents and their entire anti-masses political process with its elections, parliament, framework of authority and its management of the community. Thirsty for freedom and equality, the masses have no other way but to organise their protests in quarters and neighborhoods, in factories and plants, in universities... To arm themselves with programs and prospects that have nothing to do with this process and its militia forces hostile towards the masses, be armed with an horizon of their own claims and independent goals of freedom and equality.

Down with the political process along with its elections and militia forces !

Long live freedom and equality !

The Worker- Communist Party of Iraq 

June 7,2018