Resident's of Basra are dying due to water contamination.

Resident's of Basra are dying due to water contamination.

Meanwhile those in power are more concerned about "who should govern Iraq"


The city of Basra has endured many problems for a long period of time. Children, adolescents and adults continue to face a wide array of problems including illness, unemployment, lack of security and lack of electricity. Adding to this chaos and frustration, within a single week more than 4000 people have been poisoned by polluted drinking water. The local and central government have ignored this matter and made no attempts at tackling this very serious crisis.

We, the Basra Committee Members of Worker Communist Party of Iraq, condemn this deliberate act of neglect that has endangered the health and lives of three million inhabitants of Basra. This act of neglect goes against the most basic human right: "having access to clean drinking water".

We call on the people to continue fighting for their rights and holding these criminals at the central and local governments responsible! The role of governments on the most basic level is to ensure the health and safety of its people. This means the government should be using all their power to rectify this issue immediately!

Disgrace and shame to the criminals and murderers in power!

Let's unite and work together to bring clean drinking water to Basra!

Worker Communist Party of Iraq, / Basra Committee

22nd August 2018