Paris is the home of the Communards! In solidarity with the protests of the Yellow Vests

Paris is the home of the Communards! In solidarity with the protests of the Yellow Vests

France have taken to the streets at first protesting the fuel taxes imposed by Macrons government. The new tax measurements taken by the bourgeois state do not only affect the prices of fuel but also the price of food and other daily necessities rises. This has already affected the life of the working class generally. That is why hundreds of thousands have now protested in many cities, not least Paris. The Champs-Elysées Avenue has recently become a battlefield between the protectors of the government of the ultra-wealthy class and the poor and disadvantaged people. Paris, the cradle of Commune revolution, has once again risen to its feet. However, one of the shortcomings of the movement is that it does not have the same revolutionary tendency and prospect of the Paris Commune. We need leaders like the Communards keeping their experience of taking the power by themselves and defending it. The bourgeoisie in France, either represented in the state and government or the so-called opposition namely The National Rally party, attempt to change the path of the protests to achieve their own political aims. The government first oppressed the movement and now Macron calls for a negotiation with the representatives of the Yellow Vests in an attempt to calm down the anger of people. And, the N. R. wants to spread its slogans and outlook in the protests. This is something the leadership of the movement is aware of, but must take it in a greater consideration. Instead of the attempts of the right or far-right wing and the bourgeois parties to intrude into the protests, the movement should be driven by a socialist outlook. The workers movement in France has a great revolutionary history that always stamped the society with the rights ever existed. This is another chance for this class to overthrow any government and/or parties of the rich capitalist class and conduct society towards freedom, equality under workersrule. This needs a strong international solidarity. We, in the abroad organisations of both the Worker-communist Parties of Iraq and Kurdistan, stand beside the working class of France and support them to gain their demands. Meanwhile, we condemn any violent attack by the French government against the demonstrations and protests.


Hand in hand for a socialist solidarity front. Abroad organisation/ Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan Worker-communist Party of Iraq 3rd. December 2018


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