All the support, solidarity, and participation to defeat the oppression inflicted by the militias authority upon the Iraqi uprising and abolish the political Islamic authority.

All the support, solidarity, and participation to defeat the oppression inflicted by the militias authority upon the Iraqi uprising and abolish the political Islamic authority.

After the agreement, in the city of Qom in Iran days prior, between the Sadrist movement (al-Tayyar al-Sadri) and the militias involved in the murder, assassination, torture, and abduction of the protestors in Iraq, the militias launched vast brutal attacks against the protestors in Baghdad, Basra, and multiple other governorates in Iraq today. They wore the official uniforms of the riot control forces to disperse the demonstrations and protests that demanded the abolishment of the militia based government and every political Islamic authority in Iraq. This was after the failure of the protest titled, “The Elimination of the American Presence,” called upon by al-Sadir, yesterday, as a result of the agreement.

The al-Sadir as well as his political Sadrist movement, which imposed themselves on the Iraqi Uprising, have clearly determined their position and eliminated all doubts and confusion from their deceitful and manipulative actions. They revealed all underlying animosity against the civilians and the people’s righteous demands after al-Sadir’s failure to pass his list of candidates in Al Tahrir Square on the 10th of January. As we have mentioned in previous articles, al-Sadir is part of the political process. He will not abdicate nor will he forgo any of his privileges, influence, or his portion of the political, administrative, and financial corruption.

The oppression of the demonstrations today coincides with the efforts to name the new prime minister after the forced abdication of the criminal, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, by the uprising. Furthermore, the barbaric escalation of the militia forces is an attempt to produce the same corrupted authority that led the civilians to poverty, high unemployment rates, lack of public services, and absence of safety and security.

To the Iraqi civilians, the millions of unemployed, the students striving for freedom and equality, the women aspiring freedom and human dignity, to all the workers, teachers, the impoverished, and disadvantaged in the Iraqi society:
If we wait for the corrupted authority, after it received enormous hits by the October Uprising that deepened its political crisis, it would restore its assemblies by choosing the “ new prime minister” with random specifications. However, the mere option we have is to obstruct the corrupted authority and force it to withdraw by greatly participating in the demonstrations and unifying our assemblies towards a common goal of finding the political alternative, which is the termination of the current political process and the ruling militia authority.

The progression of our uprising, the uprising for freedom and equality, is wagered upon the unification of our assemblies and the removal of the illusions that restrict the uprising to select a prime minister. In fact, the millions of people who offered hundreds of victims are the ones who have to form their government, choose their prime minister, and not wait for the corrupted parliament and its presidency, especially, that the current Iraqi administration is persistent to cover up the murders and killings of the protestors. Moreover, the three authorities have no legitimacy to be asked for an authorization to select a prime minister.
To all the revolution and progressive forces around the world:
We call you to offer all types of support to the Iraqi masses’ uprising. We request to organize protests in front of the Iraqi embassies and consulates in all foreign countries to expose the crimes of the militias authority in Iraq. We demand you to track the criminals outside of Iraq through international institutions such as the International Court of Justice, the United Nations Human Rights Council, and local justice courts. Prevent the participation of any representative of the Militia authority in public events around the world. Pressure the governments of all countries through protests in front of its headquarters, through different activities, and interviews with the media to expose the crimes of the militia authority and to end its legitimacy outside of Iraq.

Let the voice of the uprising be heard everywhere, the voice of freedom and equality, until the Iraqi masses are victorious. The Worker Communist Party of Iraq stands in the front lines to fight and struggle for the Iraqi masses for a world in which the human is considered an invaluable capital.

Long live the October Uprising
Long live the Iraqi masses
Long live freedom and equality

Samir Adil

General Secretary of central committee of WCPI


بيان تضامن

بيان تضامن